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Very buggy....

Sorry to say it mate, but this game is very buggy. For instance, I've fallen through the floor several times and run past everything, and after I jump, all of my shots go straight down. Doesn't seem like a very effective way of fighting.... unless I'm supposed to hate ants or something. This needs a lot of work to be considered decent. Good try though :)

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This is one of the few songs that actually makes my favorite list. You've got awesome talent Orange. The beginning is a treat to listen to and once the synth comes in at 2:57 I just lose it. Keep up the high caliber of work.

I also forgot what I said last time.

Oh well. The extra synths added a bit more power and energy when they're brought in which is awesome because this song already has a nice amount. I actually caught myself humming the main melody for a bit the other day haha. It's still the same song though so I can't say too much more except the changes you made were small but definitely improved the listening experience. Great work!

Good luck (again) with the rap and that glitch is still super sexy :)

Stavier responds:

It's alright man. I think you just gave me an 8 and said you liked the song, lolz. Glad you liked the new additions, thought it gave it more power too :D Ya kno, a lil more oomph! Glad you hummed the melody. For a short song, I thought this was good :P Thanx for the review and glad you still like the glitch ;)

Now this is awesome dubstep.

I could only dream of making a song of such high caliber. I love the intense feel I get just from the start and you did an excellent job with the vocals. I seriously got goosebumps when I first heard the "Monster" followed by the drop. That part was just perfect. Honestly some of the best dubstep I've heard in awhile, great job.


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